14:24 |termie| gunicorn makes me think of a unicorn whose horn is a gun
    14:24 |termie| and wears leather and kills people
    14:48 |termie| it would probably also breathe fire
    14:48 |termie| and generate lightning from its hoofstrikes
    14:54 |termie| it can probably run up cliffs, too
    14:55 |termie| its sidekick is an anthropomorphized harley davidson
                   motorcycle that has the power to slow down time
    14:57 |termie| the slowing down time power is called going into
                   "moto-time" and it has to rev the engine a bunch before
                   it happens
    14:58 |termie| the gunicorn once ate a nuclear power plant and then was
                   able to shoot depleted uranium shells for quite some time
    15:05 |termie| back in the cold war the gunicorn was being researched as
                   a possible weapon to use against the ruskis but it killed
                   all the researchers and its gunhorn shot bullets made out
                   of scientist bone for the next few weeks
    15:19 |termie| moto, the gunicorn's sidekick harley davidson motorcycle,
                   arrived in the U.S. in a shipping container... from another
                   dimension where humans are hunted for sport by autonomous
    15:54 |termie| various world powers have tried discussing things with the
                   gunicorn but those discussions have only resulted in the
                   gunicorn shooting politician bone bullets for a couple weeks
    16:33 |termie| the gunicorn is the inspiration for modern rifling
    16:38 |termie| the gunicorn once held a meetup and over 30,000 people were
                   turned into people bone bullets
    16:45 |termie| when the gunicorn kicks somebody in the ass the lightning
                   scorch marks are actually an exact replica of a drawing
                   made by a young girl in montreal who was the only thing the
                   gunicorn ever loved
    16:48 |termie| she was killed in a tragic nuclear reactor accident after
                   the gunicorn ate all the neutron rods to make neutron
                   bullets so that it could kill a 6-times-normal-size
                   positively charged cement truck, the gunicorn never forgave
                   itself for her death
    13:13 |termie| if the gunicorn and the django pony had sex the django pony
                   would explode as if a small but powerful explosive had been
                   set off inside it
    13:14 |termie| but then the django pony would reconstitute itself through
                   the power of love
    15:50 |termie| when the gunicorn fights, it wins
    02:43 |termie| when the gunicorn urinates the result is a perfect mixture
                   of champagne and green charteuse
    16:41 |termie| the gunicorn shoots _you_
    09:51 |termie| the gunicorn cannot be managed